Today I embark for the second time to lick my body into shape. There is an element of embarassment that I am starting my benchpress at 65 lbs, but I already know the power of cosistency. Consistency is engine behind the rewards of Compounding Marginal Return.


Today I am starting at 65 lbs but with consistent application of marginal effort and incremental progress,I expect to be benching more than body weight by Thanksgiving, exactly 3 months away, the 24th of November.

1/22/2021 – Update

I failed.  I did not stick to my program.  Other things took precedence.  This is life.  There will always be things that will interrupt your path to your goal.  So here I go again.  Results matter, reasons excuses are the mediocre way.

Remember to be consistent, just follow the basic focus. “Stop thinking, just do”  or “Mat socho bas karo”  As I have said before your mind is what stops you from being consistent.  Just stop thinking and move…forward.  As I write this, I am saying it to myself too, because I need to be coached to be pushed to get it done.  Did it before and will do it again.  I did it using the Mat Socho Bas Karo way.